Ora Lassila's Selected Presentations

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2020 Ora Lassila: "Are knowledge graphs a good thing? (and what does it take to create one?)", presentation at the 2020 Knowledge Graph Conference, New York (NY), May 2020. O
2019 Brad Bebee, Karthik Bharathy, Ora Lassila: "Deep dive on Amazon Neptune", presentation at AWS re:Invent 2019, Las Vegas (NV), December 2019. I
Ora Lassila: "History of the SemanticWeb, and some words about the future of AI", keynote address at LDAC2019, Lisbon (Portugal), June 2019. K
2017 Ora Lassila: "Semantics, Sharing and Permanence", invited lecture at the Inter-American Development Bank, Washington (DC), February 2017. I
2016 Ora Lassila: "Semantic Web - Software View vs. Math View", invited lecture at Dickinson College, Department of Mathematics, Carlisle (PA), October 2016. I
2015 Ora Lassila: "Digital Permanence (or: Apps Considered Harmful - Again)", invited lecture at Aalto University, School of Art and Design, Espoo (Finland), November 2015. I
Ora Lassila: "Semantics and Shared Data", invited talk at Nordea Bank, Helsinki (Finland), September 2015. I
2012 Ora Lassila: "Size does not matter (if your data is in a silo)", keynote address at the First International Workshop on "Semantic Technologies meet Recommender Systems and Big Data" (SeRSy 2012), Boston (MA), November 2012K
Ora Lassila: "Love Thy Data (or: Apps Considered Harmful)", keynote address at CIDOC 2012 -conference, Helsinki (Finland), June 2012K
Ora Lassila: "Accessing and Querying Semantic Web Data", invited talk at the Seminar on New Trends on Intelligent Systems and Soft Computing, University of Granada, Granada (Spain), February 2012I
Ora Lassila: "Introduction to Context Awareness", invited "teaching sample lecture", Aalto University, Espoo (Finland), February 2012O
2011 Ora Lassila: "Introduction to Context Awareness", keynote address at Pitney Bowes' "Mobile Day", Stamford (CT), October 2011.K
Ora Lassila & Amit Sheth: "Semantic Web for 360-degree Health: State-of-the-Art & Vision for Better Interoperability", invited talk at the US Dept. of Health and Human Services' workshop on "Next Generation Interoperability for Health IT", Washington (DC), January 2011. I
2010 Ora Lassila: "Internet jolla on merkitystä - Semanttinen Web visio, kehitys ja tulevaisuus", keynote address at the ICT 2010 -event, Helsinki (Finland), April 2010. K
2008 Ora Lassila: "Does Your Mobile Device Need to be Socially Aware? A Semantic Web Perspective", keynote address at the Workshop on Personal Identification and Collaborations: Knowledge Mediation and Extraction (PICKME 2008) (PICKME'08), Karlsruhe (Germany), October 2008. K
Ora Lassila: "Some Personal Thoughts on Semantic Web and 'Non-Symbolic' AI", keynote address at the Fourth International Workshop on Uncertainty Reasoning on the Semantic Web (URSW 2008), Karlsruhe (Germany), October 2008. K
Ora Lassila: "Semantic Web Approach to Personal Information Management on Mobile Devices", invited talk at the IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC 2008), Santa Clara (CA), August 2008. I
Ora Lassila: "Semantic Web Platform for Personal Information Management", invited talk at Semantic Days, Stavanger (Norway), April 2008 I
2007 Ora Lassila: "The Semantic Web, Why the Open-Source Community Should Care, and Other Thoughts...", keynote address at ApacheCon US 2007, Atlanta (GA), November 2007 K
Ora Lassila: "Setting Your Data Free: Thoughts on Information Interoperability", keynote address at CAiSE'07, Trondheim (Norway), June 2007 K
Ora Lassila: "From Semantic Web to a Broader Vision of Personal Computing", keynote address at ESTC 2007, Vienna (Austria), June 2007 K
Ora Lassila: "Semantic Web, Web 2.0, and Beyond - Why All This Really Matters", keynote address at the 2nd annual CELTIC Event, Berlin (Germany), February 2007 K
Ora Lassila: "The Future of the Web: Looking Beyond Web 2.0", invited talk at the 2007 NECINA Technology Conference, Cambridge (MA), February 2007 I
2006 Ora Lassila & James Hendler: "Current Status and Future Promise of the Semantic Web", keynote address at Semantics 2006, Vienna (Austria), November 2006 K
Ora Lassila: "Semantic Web, quo vadis?", keynote address at the Scandinavian Conference on AI and the Finnish AI Symposium, Espoo (Finland), October 2006 K
Ora Lassila: "Building Policy- and Context-Aware Support for Semantic Web Applications", keynote address at the 5th International Workshop on Web Semantics at DEXA 2006, Krakow (Poland), September 2006 K
Ora Lassila: "Identity Crisis and Serendipity", invited "lightning" talk at the W3C Advisory Committee meeting, Edinburgh (Scotland, UK), May 2006 I
Ora Lassila & Lutz Heuser: "Semantically Augmented Mobile Access for a Service-enabled Enterprise", invited talk at SAP "Sapphire" (SAP Users' Conference), New Orleans (LS), May 2004 I
Ora Lassila: "Sharing Meaning Between Devices, Systems, Users, and Cultures", keynote address at the French-Finnish Symposium on Digital Semantic Content Across Cultures, Le Louvre, Paris (France), May 2006 K
Ora Lassila & James Hendler: "Semantic Web @ 5", keynote address at the Semantic Technology 2006 conference, San Jose (CA), March 2006 K
2005 Ora Lassila: "Applying Semantic Web in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing: Will Policy-Awareness Help? ", invited talk at the Semantic Web Policy Workshop at the 4th International Semantic Web Conference, Galway (Ireland), November 2005 K
Ora Lassila: "Using the Semantic Web in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing", keynote address at 1st IFIP WG12.5 Working Conference on Industrial Applications of Semantic Web, Jyväskylä (Finland), August 2005 K
Ora Lassila: "Semantic Web & Mobile Information Access", keynote address at Wireless Connections 2005, Calgary (AB, Canada), May 2005 K
2004 Ora Lassila & Lutz Heuser: "Semantically Augmented Mobile Access for a Service-enabled Enterprise", invited talk at SAP "Sapphire" (SAP Users' Conference), New Orleans (LS), May 2004 I
2003 Ora Lassila: "Semantic Gadgets: Device and Information Interoperability", invited talk at Ubiquitous Computing Environment, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland (OH), October 2003 I
Ora Lassila: "Common Lisp Support for Semantic Web Programming", invited talk at the International Lisp Conference, New York (NY), October 2003 I
Ora Lassila: "Towards the Semantic Web", keynote address at the W3C Semantic Tour, London (UK), June 2003 K
Ora Lassila: "Semantic Web and UbiComp Research at the Nokia Research Center", invited talk in the USC/ISI AI Seminar, Marina del Rey (CA), May 2003 I
2002 Ora Lassila: "Towards the Semantic Web", keynote address at the XML Finland 2002 conference, Helsinki (Finland), October 2002 K
Ora Lassila: "Semantic Gadgets: Pervasive Computing Meets the Semantic Web", invited talk at the Third Annual NIST Pervasive Computing Conference, Gaithersburg (MD), October 2002 I
Ora Lassila: "Some Requirements for RDF and Semantic Web Applications", presentation and position statement at "RDF Applications for the Real World", panel discussion at the 11th International World Wide Web conference (WWW 2002), Honolulu (HI), May 2002 P
Ora Lassila: "Knowledge Assembly for Life Sciences", panel discussion at the BioIT World 2002 conference, Boston (MA), March 2002 (position statement: "It's Just Semantics") P
2001 Ora Lassila: "The Semantic Web", panel discussion organized by Mass eComm, Framingham (MA), October 12, 2001 P
Ora Lassila: "The Semantic Web Elephant: What Do The Blind Men See?", panel discussion at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI'01), Seattle (WA), August 2001 (position statement: "Semantic Web: Hopes and Fears"). P
Ora Lassila: "Semantic Web: What Does It Mean?", invited presentation at the Boeing Shadow Works, Bellevue (WA), August 2001. I
Ora Lassila: "Emerging Semantics", panel discussion at the First Semantic Web Working Symposium (SWWS'01), Stanford University, July 2001 (position statement: "Semantic Web: Can I be Optimistic and Cynical at the Same Time?") P
Ora Lassila: "Unwiring the Web", panel discussion at the Interface 2001 conference, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (PA), March 2001 P
2000 Ora Lassila: "Semantic Gadgets - Extending the Semantic Web to Physical Devices", invited lecture at the Stanford InfoLab seminar, Stanford University, November 2000 I
Ora Lassila: "Nokia RDF Software", presentation at the DARPA Agent Markup Language program kickoff meeting, Cambridge (MA), August 2000. O
Ora Lassila & Henry S. Thompson: "RDF: A Frame System for the Web", presentation at the workshop on "Semantics for the Web" at Schloss Dagstuhl, Wadern, Germany, March 2000 O
1999 Ora Lassila: "Resource Description Framework", presentation at the XML'99 Conference, Philadelphia (PA), December 1999 O
Ora Lassila: "Why Your Microwave Oven Needs (to Surf) the WWW", invited talk at the 3rd Annual Nokia Wireless Data Conference, San Francisco (CA), June 1999 I
Ora Lassila & Franklin Reynolds: "Composite Capability/Preference Profile", presentation at WWW8 Conference in Toronto, May 1999 O
Ora Lassila & Robert Schloss: "Metadata, RDF, and Dublin Core", tutorial given at the XTech'99 XML Developers Conference, March 1999 T
1998 Ora Lassila: "Web Metadata: A Simple Matter of Semantics", invited lecture at the W3C Advisory Committee Meeting, CERN, Geneva (Switzerland), June 1998 I
Carl Lagoze, Eric Miller, Ora Lassila, Ralph R. Swick, Renato Iannella, Robert Schloss & Stuart Weibel: "Using Web Metadata", tutorial given at the WWW7 conference, Brisbane (Australia), April 1998 T
Ora Lassila: "Resource Description Framework - what is it?", presentation given at the MCC/OMG/DARPA Workshop on Compositional Software Architectures, Monterey (CA), January 1998 O
1997 Ora Lassila: "Mobile Communication Services of the Next Century: the Internet Approach", presentation at the IBC Mobile Internet conference, Orlando (FL), February 1997 O
1990 Ora Lassila & Seppo Törmä: "Using a Distributed Frame System to Implement Distributed Problem Solvers", presentation at the International Working Conference on Cooperating Knowledge Based Systems (CKBS-90), University of Keele, Keele (Great Britain), October 1990; published in report form as [Lassila & Törmä 1991] O
Martti Mäntylä & Ora Lassila: "Object-Oriented Programming", invited tutorial at STeP-90, the Finnish Artificial Intelligence Symposium, Oulu (Finland), August 1990 T