Ora Lassila's Selected Presentations

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2017 Ora Lassila: "Semantics, Sharing and Permanence", invited lecture at the Inter-American Development Bank, Washington (DC), February 2017. I
2016 Ora Lassila: "Semantic Web - Software View vs. Math View", invited lecture at Dickinson College, Department of Mathematics, Carlisle (PA), October 2016. I
2015 Ora Lassila: "Digital Permanence (or: Apps Considered Harmful - Again)", invited lecture at Aalto University, School of Art and Design, Espoo (Finland), November 2015. I
Ora Lassila: "Semantics and Shared Data", invited talk at Nordea Bank, Helsinki (Finland), September 2015. I
2012 Ora Lassila: "Size does not matter (if your data is in a silo)", keynote address at the First International Workshop on "Semantic Technologies meet Recommender Systems and Big Data" (SeRSy 2012), Boston (MA), November 2012K
Ora Lassila: "Love Thy Data (or: Apps Considered Harmful)", keynote address at CIDOC 2012 -conference, Helsinki (Finland), June 2012K
Ora Lassila: "Accessing and Querying Semantic Web Data", invited talk at the Seminar on New Trends on Intelligent Systems and Soft Computing, University of Granada, Granada (Spain), February 2012I
Ora Lassila: "Introduction to Context Awareness", invited "teaching sample lecture", Aalto University, Espoo (Finland), February 2012O
2011 Ora Lassila: "Introduction to Context Awareness", keynote address at Pitney Bowes "Mobile Day", Stamford (CT), October 2011.K
Ora Lassila & Amit Sheth: "Semantic Web for 360-degree Health: State-of-the-Art & Vision for Better Interoperability", invited talk at the US Dept. of Health and Human Services' workshop on "Next Generation Interoperability for Health IT", Washington (DC), January 2011. I
2010 Ora Lassila: "Internet jolla on merkitystä - Semanttinen Web visio, kehitys ja tulevaisuus", keynote address at the ICT 2010 -event, Helsinki (Finland), April 2010. K
2008 Ora Lassila: "Does Your Mobile Device Need to be Socially Aware? A Semantic Web Perspective", keynote address at the Workshop on Personal Identification and Collaborations: Knowledge Mediation and Extraction (PICKME 2008) (PICKME'08), Karlsruhe (Germany), October 2008. K
Ora Lassila: "Some Personal Thoughts on Semantic Web and 'Non-Symbolic' AI", keynote address at the Fourth International Workshop on Uncertainty Reasoning on the Semantic Web (URSW 2008), Karlsruhe (Germany), October 2008. K
Ora Lassila: "Semantic Web Approach to Personal Information Management on Mobile Devices", invited talk at the IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC 2008), Santa Clara (CA), August 2008. I
Ora Lassila: "Semantic Web Platform for Personal Information Management", invited talk at Semantic Days, Stavanger (Norway), April 2008 I
2007 Ora Lassila: "The Semantic Web, Why the Open-Source Community Should Care, and Other Thoughts...", keynote address at ApacheCon US 2007, Atlanta (GA), November 2007 K
Ora Lassila: "Setting Your Data Free: Thoughts on Information Interoperability", keynote address at CAiSE'07, Trondheim (Norway), June 2007 K
Ora Lassila: "From Semantic Web to a Broader Vision of Personal Computing", keynote address at ESTC 2007, Vienna (Austria), June 2007 K
Ora Lassila: "Semantic Web, Web 2.0, and Beyond - Why All This Really Matters", keynote address at the 2nd annual CELTIC Event, Berlin (Germany), February 2007 K
Ora Lassila: "The Future of the Web: Looking Beyond Web 2.0", invited talk at the 2007 NECINA Technology Conference, Cambridge (MA), February 2007 I
2006 Ora Lassila & James Hendler: "Current Status and Future Promise of the Semantic Web", keynote address at Semantics 2006, Vienna (Austria), November 2006 K
Ora Lassila: "Semantic Web, quo vadis?", keynote address at the Scandinavian Conference on AI and the Finnish AI Symposium, Espoo (Finland), October 2006 K
Ora Lassila: "Building Policy- and Context-Aware Support for Semantic Web Applications", keynote address at the 5th International Workshop on Web Semantics at DEXA 2006, Krakow (Poland), September 2006 K
Ora Lassila: "Identity Crisis and Serendipity", invited "lightning" talk at the W3C Advisory Committee meeting, Edinburgh (Scotland, UK), May 2006 I
Ora Lassila: "Sharing Meaning Between Devices, Systems, Users, and Cultures", keynote address at the French-Finnish Symposium on Digital Semantic Content Across Cultures, Le Louvre, Paris (France), May 2006 K
Ora Lassila & James Hendler: "Semantic Web @ 5", keynote address at the Semantic Technology 2006 conference, San Jose (CA), March 2006 K
2005 Ora Lassila: "Applying Semantic Web in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing: Will Policy-Awareness Help? ", invited talk at the Semantic Web Policy Workshop at the 4th International Semantic Web Conference, Galway (Ireland), November 2005 K
Ora Lassila: "Using the Semantic Web in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing", keynote address at 1st IFIP WG12.5 Working Conference on Industrial Applications of Semantic Web, Jyväskylä (Finland), August 2005 K
Ora Lassila: "Semantic Web & Mobile Information Access", keynote address at Wireless Connections 2005, Calgary (AB, Canada), May 2005 K
2004 Ora Lassila & Lutz Heuser: "Semantically Augmented Mobile Access for a Service-enabled Enterprise", invited talk at SAP "Sapphire" (SAP Users' Conference), New Orleans (LS), May 2004 I
2003 Ora Lassila: "Semantic Gadgets: Device and Information Interoperability", invited talk at Ubiquitous Computing Environment, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland (OH), October 2003 I
Ora Lassila: "Common Lisp Support for Semantic Web Programming", invited talk at the International Lisp Conference, New York (NY), October 2003 I
Ora Lassila: "Towards the Semantic Web", keynote address at the W3C Semantic Tour, London (UK), June 2003 K
Ora Lassila: "Semantic Web and UbiComp Research at the Nokia Research Center", invited talk in the USC/ISI AI Seminar, Marina del Rey (CA), May 2003 I
2002 Ora Lassila: "Towards the Semantic Web", keynote address at the XML Finland 2002 conference, Helsinki (Finland), October 2002 K
Ora Lassila: "Semantic Gadgets: Pervasive Computing Meets the Semantic Web", invited talk at the Third Annual NIST Pervasive Computing Conference, Gaithersburg (MD), October 2002 I
Ora Lassila: "RDF Applications for the Real World", panel discussion at the 11th International World Wide Web conference (WWW 2002), Honolulu (HI), May 2002 (position statement: "Some Requirements for RDF and Semantic Web Applications") P
Ora Lassila: "Knowledge Assembly for Life Sciences", panel discussion at the BioIT World 2002 conference, Boston (MA), March 2002 (position statement: "It's Just Semantics") P
2001 Ora Lassila: "The Semantic Web", panel discussion organized by Mass eComm, Framingham (MA), October 12, 2001 P
Ora Lassila: "The Semantic Web Elephant: What Do The Blind Men See?", panel discussion at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI'01), Seattle (WA), August 2001 (position statement: "Semantic Web: Hopes and Fears"). P
Ora Lassila: "Semantic Web: What Does It Mean?", invited presentation at the Boeing Shadow Works, Bellevue (WA), August 2001. I
Ora Lassila: "Emerging Semantics", panel discussion at the First Semantic Web Working Symposium (SWWS'01), Stanford University, July 2001 (position statement: "Semantic Web: Can I be Optimistic and Cynical at the Same Time?") P
Ora Lassila: "Unwiring the Web", panel discussion at the Interface 2001 conference, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (PA), March 2001 P
2000 Ora Lassila: "Semantic Gadgets - Extending the Semantic Web to Physical Devices", invited lecture at the Stanford InfoLab seminar, Stanford University, November 2000 I
Ora Lassila: "Nokia RDF Software", presentation at the DARPA Agent Markup Language program kickoff meeting, Cambridge (MA), August 2000. O
Ora Lassila & Henry S. Thompson: "RDF: A Frame System for the Web", presentation at the workshop on "Semantics for the Web" at Schloss Dagstuhl, Wadern, Germany, March 2000 O
1999 Ora Lassila: "Resource Description Framework", presentation at the XML'99 Conference, Philadelphia (PA), December 1999 O
Ora Lassila: "Why Your Microwave Oven Needs (to Surf) the WWW", invited talk at the 3rd Annual Nokia Wireless Data Conference, San Francisco (CA), June 1999 I
Ora Lassila & Franklin Reynolds: "Composite Capability/Preference Profile", presentation at WWW8 Conference in Toronto, May 1999 O
Ora Lassila & Robert Schloss: "Metadata, RDF, and Dublin Core", tutorial given at the XTech'99 XML Developers Conference, March 1999 T
1998 Ora Lassila: "Web Metadata: A Simple Matter of Semantics", invited lecture at the W3C Advisory Committee Meeting, CERN, Geneva (Switzerland), June 1998 I
Carl Lagoze, Eric Miller, Ora Lassila, Ralph R. Swick, Renato Iannella, Robert Schloss & Stuart Weibel: "Using Web Metadata", tutorial given at the WWW7 conference, Brisbane (Australia), April 1998 T
Ora Lassila: "Resource Description Framework - what is it?", presentation given at the MCC/OMG/DARPA Workshop on Compositional Software Architectures, Monterey (CA), January 1998 O
1997 Ora Lassila: "Mobile Communication Services of the Next Century: the Internet Approach", presentation at the IBC Mobile Internet conference, Orlando (FL), February 1997 O
1990 Ora Lassila & Seppo Törmä: "Using a Distributed Frame System to Implement Distributed Problem Solvers", presentation at the International Working Conference on Cooperating Knowledge Based Systems (CKBS-90), University of Keele, Keele (Great Britain), October 1990; published in report form as [Lassila & Törmä 1991] O
Martti Mäntylä & Ora Lassila: "Object-Oriented Programming", invited tutorial at STeP-90, the Finnish Artificial Intelligence Symposium, Oulu (Finland), August 1990 T