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Dr. Ora Lassila

Ora and MiG-21

I am a software architect at State Street, where I head ontology engineering. Good part of my career I have worked on ontologies, Semantic Web, and applications of these technologies to various problems, including mobile and ubiquitous computing (IoT) at the Nokia Research Center (NRC) and later at Nokia Location & Commerce (later renamed HERE). I have been involved in various Semantic Web activities since 1996, and worked on various complex applications involving Knowledge Representation (KR) for a good 10 years prior to that. For more biographical notes, see here.

Lately, I have spent more time on getting my aviation photography and publishing business So Many Aircraft off the ground (pun intended). I am also a member of the International Society for Aviation Photography.

A list of my publications is available. Occasionally, I also write something in my blog.


I was a co-author of the original W3C RDF specification, and co-authored the seminal article on the Semantic Web (now well over 20,000 citations). I also worked on Semantic Web services.

I was the creator of NRC's Semantic Web toolkit (dubbed "Wilbur"), written in Common Lisp. The toolkit provides a main-memory triple store (with RDFS reasoning), a path query language ("WilburQL"), and means of loading and parsing RDF/XML. My most recent Wilbur-related work has focused on OINK (a browser for RDF data) and Piglet (a reimplementation of Wilbur in Python and C++).

I have a long history of participation in various committees, boards and working groups:

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