Ora Lassila

Ora Lassila, Ph.D

Ora and MiG-21

I am a software architect at State Street. Good part of my earlier career I worked on Semantic Web and its applications to mobile and ubiquitous computing at the Nokia Research Center (NRC) and later at Nokia Location & Commerce (later renamed HERE). I have been involved in various Semantic Web activities since 1996, and worked on various complex applications involving KR for a good 10 years prior to that. For more biographical notes, see here.

I was the author of NRC's Semantic Web toolkit (dubbed "Wilbur"), written in Common Lisp. The toolkit provides a main-memory triple store (with RDFS reasoning), a path query language ("WilburQL"), and means of loading and parsing RDF/XML. My most recent Wilbur-related work has focused on OINK (a browser for RDF data) and Piglet (a reimplementation of Wilbur in Python and C++).

A list of my publications is available. Occasionally, I also write something in my blog.

Lately, I have spent more time on getting my airplane photography and publishing business So Many Aircraft off the ground (pun intended).

I have a long history of participation in various committees, boards and working groups:

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